Flexible API Integration
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Innovo's API
The Innovo API is a RESTful web service which can be seamlessly integrated into your organisation's mobile or web applications.
The API combines Innovo42’s OCR, machine learning, validation technologies to accurately extract data from receipts and invoices. The data extracted by the API can be delivered in a customised manner to fit your application’s requirements.
The extraction of receipt and invoice data will improve the user experience and enhance the process automation of your in-house expense management and accounting applications. 
Innovo API is REST-based and allows simple integration into any platform. Our dynamic endpoint allows you to handle a wide range of web requests. Authorization is managed by an access token, which is submitted with each request.
Innovo API supports direct response to web requests. Besides API calls, Innovo provides webhooks that allow you to subscribe to specific events. Innovo can send HTTP requests to endpoints that you configure when an event occurs.
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Our Technology
Our applications can extract key information from receipts and invoices such as total amount, tax amount, date, reference number, receipt/invoice number, etc.

We run stringent validation processes to ensure data is captured accurately.

With full documentation and personalised integration support, Innovo API can be seamlessly deployed into your own applications and be branded as your own solution.
How We Operate
QUICK RESPONSEQuick response, where an image is posted via an API call and the response (extracted data) is received within seconds.
Data extraction will be done to accommodate speed.
VERIFIED RESPONSEVerified response, where an image is posted via an API call and the response (extracted data) is posted to an end-point after several minutes. Data extracted will be verified to ensure accuracy.