Empowering companies and individuals toboost productivity.

Our Mission

We believe in digitizing tasks that take up time.

Our mission is to cut through the noise of inefficient expense and invoice management and empower businesses to have more efficient workflows, eliminating frustrating processes that take up time.

Because the digital space is evolving fast, we want to help individuals and teams change the way they work and speed up their productivity through automated tasks.

We believe that visibility, digitization, and automation allow you to become more productive, eliminate all friction and produce great results.

This is why, our two core products, Innovo Xpense and Innovo Invoice are here to help you simplify your expense and invoice management processes.

And for those who need quick integration, our API solution is available.

Our Story 

We are powered by team work, creativity, and thinking outside the box.

We are a Singapore-based technology company which builds and designs process automation tools for businesses.

Our expertise and passion have always revolved around the finance space and our roots go back to 2014 when we started off as a consulting company, providing business consulting services to financial institutions, specializing in the wealth management space.

Today, our approach goes beyond consulting services to provide companies with technology that enables them to optimise their business processes. We help companies to digitize invoices and receipts, automate the process, collect data in a sustainable way and use reporting insights to bring value to their organizations.

We know that running a small company can take a lot of hard work, courage, and tenacity, but we are driven by passion, vision and a mentality for solving problems to help our customers achieve success.

Meet the Team

These are the people who make the magic happen!

We take pride in being a small yet diverse team of solution engineers, finance experts, marketers, designers and inventors who take the digital space seriously.

We value diversity and know that it takes a broad range of skills and expertise to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients, across the spectrum of tech and finance.

We like solving problems, challenging ourselves to think outside the box and helping companies achieve productivity and quick results.

When we’re not in the digital space, you can find us jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft, exploring different corners of the world, enjoying good books, hunting for the best cocktails in town, and always staying curious.
Rene Hess
Colin Anthony
Sanjay Nelagadde
Solution Engineer
Andreea Serb
Content Marketing Lead
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“With Innovo42, we aim to provide innovative solutions that will help companies and their employees improve the way they carry out everyday tasks. By doing this, we target to enable employees to focus on the work that matters and to increase the efficiency of the companies using our solutions.”
Colin Anthony, Co-Founder
“We have built Innovo42 because we believe you don’t need complex solutions for simple problems, but simple solutions for complex problems.”
Rene Hess, Co-Founder/Inventor

Our Core Values

Be Transparent
We believe in using transparency as a means to foster an environment of growth for our teammates and clients.
Be Humble
We are strongly grounded and rooted in our values to always get better at what we’re doing and serve our community of clients and co-workers.
Be Simple
We aim to solve problems in simple, elegant ways to provide delightful experiences to our customers and team.
Be Forward-Thinking
We believe in work that is driven by productivity, automation and digitization and make it our mission to bring our ideas to life and build solutions for the future.
Be Curious
We want to push the limits of what’s possible by thinking out of the box and coming up with solutions that improve the way you work.